Friday, January 6, 2012

I don't mean to brag but...

Yesterday I received an e-mail report from my ASD son's Behavioral Therapist after a visit to is Pre-School. It just made my day! He's such an awesome kid, and his growth is amazing!

Re: School Visit
January 5, 2012
"Gavin had an awesome day at school today. He transitioned into all routines and requested activities without prompting. Not having seen Gavin for awhile, it was obvious today how much work is being done both at school and home with this little guy and how proud he is of his own success."
"He definitely is developing a sense of charm by using his smile to get others attention and looking directly at their eyes for that acknowledgement.  It is clear that he understands more then he lets on."  
"Gavin is very talkative (sounds not words...yet!) with his peer that plays with him downstairs. He responded to his peers prompts to follow, touch, find him and looked to his peer and then his aide for help when he needed that little bit of extra support to get on something. He is trying everything he can. Today he crawled under the bridge in the obstacle course, he kicked a ball, he took the action figure his friend handed him and he spread whip cream on a snowflake with a popsicle stick."
"Just watching, you can observe how Gavin's confidence is growing and how proud he is when he tries and finds out that he can actually do it. Even when he touches something, there is a momentary pause and then he just go’s for it. It was great to see how well he is doing."

Daddy & I are so proud of you Gav! You continue to amaze us every day!

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  1. Good for Gavin! And, good for you and your husband, too - your hard work with him is totally worth it.